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If you are looking for a way to free yourself from the tension and fast pace of everyday life, then yoga will remind you of the power of the present moment and will give you a sense of peace and wellness.



Hatha yoga is the source of all other types of yoga and its practise prepares us for all higher paths . Etymologically,HA means sun and THA means moon. The word yoga that derives from the word yuj in sanskrit means union. That is exactly Hatha yoga’s higher purpose; the union of body,mind and emotions.

Classes are divided in beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners and are adaptable depending on the skills and needs of every practitioner.

classes can be attended by a small number of practitioners or can be private.

In every session we practise:

  • Breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • Physical exercises (asana), series of exercises with flow (vinyasana)
  • yoga nidra & meditation

Duration of every session: one hour and a half.



Aerial yoga is an alternative type of exercise combining the natural swinging of the body with traditional yoga poses. When physical exercise is over, the swings can be turned into beautiful relaxation cocoons where we can find the deep rest we are all looking for.

Classes can be attended by three practitioners maximum or can be private.

Classes are suitable for adults and children over 8 years old.



Yoga for couples is a great way to deepen into the practice of asana with the help of another person. It brings people closer through game-like movements and poses. It also helps us create happy moments and develop trust towards our partner. Each partner has a specific role and both partners participate actively.

Aerial Partner Yoga can offer the same benefits to couples but this is a type of yoga that is addressed to practitioners that are already engaged in Hatha and Aerial yoga as the degree of difficulty is higher and practitioners must be experienced and advanced.

kids Yoga Yoga for You


In this case, yoga looks more like a fun game and addresses children between the ages of five to ten.  In kids yoga, we learn basic poses- asana in an entertaining way through storytelling, different kinds of games, songs, and drawing.

Classes are divided depending on the age of the children and their needs.

Classes are attended by a small number of children and last an hour.




Here yoga becomes a family affair! Spending quality time with your children is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that they will grow into happy and healthy adults.  Exposure to physical activity in a young age encourages children to appreciate exercise. Apart from acquiring new skills through these sessions, children are also taught self control and are encouraged to feel comfortable with their body and with everything they can achieve physically. More activity means more independence! We combine asana, partner yoga, breathing techniques and relaxation in a way familiar to children.

Duration of every session: one hour.


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